Where we are from?

Our band has been funded in 2007, at Csorna, Hungary. We are playing “lovári” and “beás” gipsy folk music principally, but there are “oláh” gipsy and Hungarian folk songs in our repertoire too.

How the “six-shooter” sounds?

We would say that our sounding is special, which is based on the traditional, authentic gipsy instruments, like the acoustic guitar, the tin can, the spoons, but as our band’s experimentation is infinite, we are breaking the authentic sounding with the cajon, cajonito, darbuka and the saxophone. We made an adventurous decision at end of 2014, that we will adopt a Hammond organ, into the existing instruments. Generations grown up on its sounding, since its announcement at 1935. By this time, it is proved that contrivance of Laurens Hammond is giving jazz-blues sounding to our songs, and became the favourite of all band members.

Where we were?

Since our eight years existence, we are out hundreds of events, concerts, festivals, without completeness: National and International Gipsy festival, Athe Sam Roma All-Arts Festival, Volt Festival, Akvarium Klub, Gödör Klub, Millenar Theatre, Mediawave International Film and Music Festival, OZORA Festival, Interetno Festival Serbia.

Who inspire us?

Thanks to MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Festival, since 2008, the band is a regular participant of the Passport Control musical workshop series. During this roma-syllabused program, going for years, we were able to work together musicians like György Ferenczi and Miklós Both.

Why it is worth?

2010  National Fringe Festival, musical surcharge

2010 “Ködellik a Mátra” Festival, award of excellence for best instrumental performance

2010 Roots & Routes, Köln, Germany

2013 Talentometer 3. – A38 Ship, Budapest, surcharge

2014 Talentometer 4. – A38 Ship, Budapest, winner of world music category

2014 Éter Talent Spotter- Eger, surcharge

Any records?

2014 “Újrahangolva” (Re-tuned) / Author’s Edition

2012 „Feketén Fehéren” (Black and White) / Dalnok Publisher


Peter Horvath

Peter Horvath

leader, cajon, mouth-bass

Vilmos Suha

Vilmos Suha

musical leader, guitar, song

Laszlo Drapan

Laszlo Drapan

saxophone, Hammond SK2

Roland Visi

Roland Visi

spoons, darbuka, mouth-bass


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